Thursday, June 9, 2016

For Dennis

As  I mentioned in my first post, I wrote a poem for my friend Dennis after he died unexpectedly in May of 2014.  His death reminded me of life's unpredictable events and sudden surprises.

For Dennis -

The Walk Not Taken

You called and invited me
Let’s walk by the Lake.
What time did you have in mind?
Whatever time your business allows.
Let’s go in the morning while
The air is still young and the sky is bright
I thought we would talk
About books and dreams and
The waning years of our lives
I never imagined our time would be so brief
Like dancers who embrace
At the center of the dance
Twirl, pirouette and flutter
To the edge of the stage
Where darkness beckons
Before seducing us from the light
On the beach where we would walk
The waves break

Without you

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