Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Reason for This Blog

Atelier means a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. The term originated in the late 17th century from the French, from Old French astelle ‘splinter of wood,’ from Latin astula. I have chosen the name Atelier Poetry because I view writing poetry as a craft that arranges words in new and unique ways to reflect my world experience.  Occasionally, there will undoubtedly be a “splinter of wood” or two and so I ask for your understanding and patience.

I was inspired to create this blog and begin sharing my poetry by my close friend Judy Newton.  When Judy’s husband Dennis died unexpectedly two years ago, I wrote a poem about him and shared it with her.  She wanted to know if Dennis knew that I wrote poetry.  I had not shared that part of myself with him.  Judy told me he would have been angry at me for this.  I thank Judy for her candor and push to do this.  I am a writer who is a private person but has slowly realized that I should share my poetry with more people.  So my blog will be my medium for doing this.  I welcome dialogue with you and will try to respond to your comments and questions as best I can.

My first posted poem is “Writing” and I hope it will provide some insight about me as a poet.


So someone asked,
“What do you write about?”
The sounds of a dog napping
My wife’s footsteps on the stairs
My son starting his car
Snow falling against a street light at night
The silent epiphanies and pains

Everyday things.

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